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Missing Teeth

Missing teeth not only affect your smile, they can also impact upon your dental function and alter the way you speak, eat and chew.

If you have lost multiple teeth, or have had numerous extractions, it is important to restore these as soon as possible to preserve the shape of your face, reduce the chances of any deterioration of the jaw bone and to maintain dental function.

Where a single tooth has been lost, you may feel less self-conscious about your smile if you choose a prosthetic restoration.

At Fitzroy Dental Practice, we offer dental bridges and dentures to replace lost or extracted teeth, these include.

When you have lost multiple teeth, it is important to start planning for your replacements as soon as possible. This is to avoid any deterioration of the jaw bone and any difficulties in eating or speaking.

Losing your teeth can be difficult, that’s why our team will do all they can to help you replace them and restore your smile.

For more information about how to replace missing teeth, please click here or call 0800 1707 977.