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Implant Retained Denture

Ideal for holding dentures in place, implants take away the daily worry of an appliance slipping out of place or coming loose. 

Many people who have lost a number of teeth are put off the idea of wearing dentures due to the fear they will move or rub against the gums.

Traditionally, dentures fit over the gums and denture adhesive helps to hold them in place, however when dentures do not fit snugly, they can move and cause discomfort.

Implant retained dentures are ideal for patients who wear dentures to replace the lower teeth.


If you are suitable for the implant procedure, following a thorough assessment, a number of implants will be placed into the lower jawbone. These will act as anchors for the denture appliance, which will clip onto the screws when being worn.

Implant retained dentures are still removable and easy to clean, however they will feel more secure and stable when being worn.

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