Tooth Extraction
Tooth Extraction


Sometimes it becomes necessary to remove teeth that have been irreparably damaged by decay, trauma or have loosened.

Extraction removes the affected tooth and allows you to enjoy improved dental health by focusing on the remaining natural teeth and preserving the gums.

While keeping your natural teeth in place is always the preferred option, occasionally extraction is the only form of treatment that can ensure your overall dental health for the long term.

At Fitzroy Dental Practice, we always try to ensure that tooth extraction is a quick and comfortable procedure. Our dentists are able to complete most extractions within the practice and offer local anaesthetic and aftercare advice to make the entire process easy and stress-free.

Reasons to extract teeth

Extractions are required in some of the following circumstances:

  • Damage or decay is too severe for a filling or crown
  • Trauma or an accident has resulted in a severe breakage
  • The mouth is overcrowded and teeth need to be removed prior to 0rthodontic treatment
  • A tooth requires repeated root canal treatment
  • Periodontal disease has weakened the gums and jaw bone causing teeth to loosen
  • Age has weakened the teeth and/or gums
  • Wisdom teeth have become impacted

Each extraction case is unique and requires careful planning. Some patients who require multiple extractions may choose to have this carried out under general anaesthetic, if this is the case we will refer you to your nearest dental hospital.

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