Oral Surgery
Oral Surgery

Oral Surgery in London

Oral surgery involves surgery to your teeth, gums or jawbone. Oral Surgery is a field of dentistry that deals with diagnosis and surgical treatment of different diseases and injuries to achieve better dental health. It also offers aesthetic as well as functional improvement of hard and soft tissues in the maxillofacial region.

If you are suffering from oral disease then this might be a the option for you. Whilst we can help with the diagnosis of disease we are also able to assist with more complicated cases such as surgical root canal treatment, trauma, difficult teeth removal, broken down teeth, wisdom tooth extraction, soft tissue lesions and dental implants.

At our practice, you can have assured to be in safe hands and we will aim to get you smiling again and improve your confidence levels.

Oral Surgery can be carried out under local aneasthesia and under IV sedation by very experienced aneasthetists.

Benefits of Oral Surgery

  • When oral disease if not treatable by conventional methods, surgical options may be needed. For example, removal of broken down teeth or impacted wisdom teeth which your regular dentist may not have been able to remove or you are very nervous about surgery. Other reasons could be a complex medical history preventing the ability to deliver conventional treatment options.
  • People who have missing teeth may choose to consider implants to retain or support their dentures or bridges. On some occasions bone grafts may also be needed.
  • It prevents further harm to your dental health : You might need oral surgery for a progressive problem like a cyst of a lump. If you do not address this, then this will become worse overtime. Fortunately, we are able to attend to your pathology in time.
  • Addressing to your other oral concerns: We always look at you as a person, we will assess and advise on accordingly with a no obligation to undergo treatment with us.

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Cost of Dental Surgery

We are very transparent in costs and will always inform you of the costs before Look through the list of prices on our Fees Page.

FAQs on Oral surgery

How painful is oral surgery?

Dental surgery does not involve pain and our dentists can make sure that you are comfortable and that you undergo the treatment successfully. Local anesthetic is given to prevent any discomfort during the surgery. Post-operative discomfort will be minimal and can be relieved by taking painkillers. Oral Surgery can be carried out under local aneasthesia and under IV sedation by very experienced aneasthetists if you are nervous.

How much time will it take to recover from the surgery?

It is perfectly natural to have some kind of discomfort and pain for a few days. This can be relieved by taking over the counter medications. The healing process is fast usually 1 to 2 weeks for your mouth to heal completely although it can be longer on occasion.

What should I do after I have any surgery?

You can put ice packs on your face for 15 minutes to ease the swelling. Eat soft foods and liquids after undergoing surgery. You can also choose soups, smoothies, yogurts, mashed potatoes and fruit milkshakes.

How soon can I eat after dental surgery?

Whilst you are able to eat straight away, we do not recommend it as you have a good chance of injuring your other tissues due to to being numb and accidentally chewing on them. So we recommend waiting till the local aneasthetic has worn out and stick to soft diet. For more intense chewing you need to wait for at least one week before eating chewy or crunchy food. Restrict acidic foods since they can cause irritation to the gum tissue and lead to severe pain during the healing process. It may take anywhere from a few days to a couple of weeks to recover completely from wisdom tooth surgery.

What should I avoid after dental surgery?

You should not do any strenuous exercise for the following two to three days after the surgery. The increased flow of blood may dislodge the blood clots that form when your mouth heals. You should not have hot foods or drinks until the local anesthesia wears off.

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