Dental veneers are an ideal way to enhance your smile and to create a brighter, straighter, whiter dental appearance.

At Fitzroy Dental Practice, we offer cosmetic dentistry services to allow you to smile with renewed confidence. Veneers can dramatically transform the shape, colour and length of your teeth as well as closing gaps.

Typically used along the front teeth, veneers act as caps or covers for the natural teeth. Each veneer is individually made to meet your cosmetic dental goals. When you attend for a cosmetic dental consultation, one of our team will help you select the desired shade.

Treatment typically takes place over two visits. We always endeavour to answer all your questions before choosing a treatment so you know exactly what to expect and understand the process.

At the first visit, we will take impressions of your teeth and choose the desired shade so that your veneers can be built by our laboratory team. At the next appointment, we will first check that you’re happy with the appearance of the veneers before preparing your natural teeth for veneer application. This entails altering the surface of your natural teeth so that the veneer can be permanently bonded into place. You’ll then be able to leave the practice with a brand new smile.

Dental veneers are long lasting and transformative. They look and feel just like natural teeth.

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