Modern Teeth Loss Solution: Better Alternatives to Dentures

Modern Teeth Loss Solution: Better Alternatives to Dentures

Better Teeth Loss Solution
14 Dec 2019

Dentures come in two varieties – partial and full – and both are highly popular to replace missing or lost teeth. Even dentures are gradually evolving and modern dentures are definitely a lot more superior to the previous versions. Yet, a section of the people on dentures experience certain issues with this range of devices.

Despite the inconveniences, many people stick to their dentures. They have to work real hard to get along with the difficulties. Dr Asif Hamid – a renowned dentist in London – mentions many of these people even take painkillers to withstand the sore gums that occur from time to time resulting from badly fitted dentures.

Even those, who have come to terms with their dentures, feel at times to replace the existing set with a new one. Many of them also explore different tooth replacement alternatives other than dentures.

Problems With Dentures

Dentists at a renowned clinic for dental implants in central London identify the following factors that trigger the thought of denture replacement.

  • Sore gums: Dentures that are loosely fitted move around and results in friction between your gum tissues and the denture. This leads to irritation and soreness in the gums.
  • Problems in eating: Ill-fitted dentures make eating certain food items difficult.
  • Speech problems: Badly fitted dentures also affect your normal speech.
  • Pain in the head, neck and the ears: Poorly fitted dentures are known to trigger pain in the head, neck and even ears.
  • Unpleasant odour and discolouration: Dentures have a fixed lifespan. Once their life is over, they wear out and become discoloured. They may also give off an unpleasant odour. When these problems arise, people obviously start thinking about replacement options.

New Dentures Or Different Alternative Altogether

Dentures are a pocket-friendly alternative to fill up the gap caused by a lost tooth. Dentures involve no invasive procedure to get installed or while taking out. It has an undeniable attraction for people suffering from dental phobia. Modern dentures look realistic and are much more improved than older ones.

However, dentures do not offer support or replacement for the tooth root. They just sit atop the gum line to fill up the gap. Thus, they are also a little unstable and known to move around from the place.

On the other hand, bridges offer some extra stability compared to dentures. A dental bridge takes support of the two adjacent teeth on both sides of the gap. The procedure of installing a bridge is a little invasive. The supporting natural teeth require reshaping.

A Superior Alternative For Missing Teeth

More and more people, who are determined to ditch dentures, are choosing dental implants. Unlike any other teeth loss solution, implants cater to both functional and cosmetic aspects to your problem. You will require undergoing minor surgery for this procedure and an implanted tooth or teeth can easily last a lifetime with minimal care and maintenance.

Dental implants remain fixed to their position and never move around the mouth like dentures. A tooth implant consists of a titanium tooth root, which is surgically drilled into your jawbone. The biocompatible metal fuses with your jawbone and the neighbouring tissues in course of time. This fusing phase is called osseointegration and it lasts about 3 months on average. Then an artificial crown is placed on top of it to complete your teeth loss treatment.

Dental implants are applicable in both instances – a single tooth or multiple teeth replacement. Treatments like ‘same day implants’ and ‘teeth in a day’ are variations of implant treatment that are applied where multiple teeth are missing. These procedures involve a special type of implants as well as placement techniques.

If your dentures are giving you a hard time, there’s no need to stick to them. Modern dentistry has evolved a lot to offer you many smart and acceptable alternatives. Consider those options to lead a better life.

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