Choose the Right Dental Treatment for Gapped Teeth

Choose the Right Dental Treatment for Gapped Teeth

Dental Treatment for Your Gapped Teeth
31 May 2020

Do you take care of your teeth? Are you into the habit of brushing and flossing them properly so that you can keep them clean and white? Well, if answered yes, then you must be really proud of your attractive smile. But the only problem might arise is that there might be a gap in your smile. It might be a fraction but the gap will make you feel not happy about your smile.

Thankfully, the gap is not a major dental problem and with different dental treatments available these days for your “gapped teeth”, fixing them has both aesthetic and health benefits for your smile. Go through this post to know about the causes and treatments of your gapped teeth.

What causes gaps in between the teeth?

A gap between two teeth is called a “diastema” and the gaps seem to appear in between the two upper front teeth. It is important to know that the gaps may take place in between any two teeth. Various reasons are there why you or your child might have gapped teeth.

  • In case there is a mismatch between the size of the teeth and the size of the jawbones, then you may find more space in between the teeth or crowding of teeth.
  • Missing or undersized teeth might be the reason for your surrounding teeth to shift and close the gap, but this movement might create new gaps completely.
  • An oversized labial frenum is actually the piece of tissue that extends from the inside of your upper lip to the gums and forms a gap. In certain cases, it expands very large and passes between the two front teeth and blocks the natural closing of the space between these teeth.
  • Bad habits such as thumb sucking in toddlers may pull your front teeth forward and create gaps between them.
  • Spaces might develop when the swallowing reflex does not occur properly. While you swallow, your tongue has to press against your mouth, but there are people who want to thrust their tongue forward against the front teeth. The tongue thrust might lead to the front teeth to shift and thus, a gap will be formed.
  • Gum disease makes the jawbone, weaken and they begin to recede. Losing bone might lead your teeth to become loose and move.

Different reasons for having gaps in between the teeth. Even though the gap might not bother you from an aesthetic viewpoint, it is quite important to get checked by a dentist when it occurs due to gum disease. The gaps present in between your teeth might mean your bite is not functioning properly that can cause painful experience for your broken or chipped teeth.       

Some treatments for gapped teeth

Based on the complexity of your gapped teeth, different options are there for the ones who want to close the gaps completely.

  • Dental bonding – Dental bonding said to be the easiest and quickest way to fix gaps in between the teeth. The method involves the application of a tooth-colored resin material that gets fixed to the teeth. This material has been shaped to appear natural and then hardened by using a special light that “bonds” it to the tooth ultimately for closing the gaps in your smile.

    Composite dental bonding may usually be done in one dental visit and like veneers, you do not have to remove the tooth enamel which means the process might be reversed, if needed. Though it is one of the simplest and inexpensive options, bonding material can be more prone to stains. The method is not that strong like other restorative procedures such as dental veneers since the bonding material is highly prone to chipping and breaking off the tooth after many years. With proper care and maintenance of your bond, it will last for a long time, and correcting a broken bonding is indeed a simple process.
  • Dental veneers – Porcelain veneers are considered to be another cosmetic procedure that helps to fix the gaps in between your front teeth. They are somewhat more involved than dental bonding, but the process is simple and the results are meant to last for many years.

    A veneer is actually a thin porcelain piece that has been shaped in the laboratory to match the color or shape of your teeth. It is usually placed and then bonded over the front of your tooth that acts in the form of a mask. This covers up any kind of gaps or imperfections in your teeth. After it has been bonded properly, this thin piece of porcelain turns extremely sturdy and is quite difficult to break.

    Dental veneers appear great and are a permanent solution, but patients should be aware that the procedure is irreversible. A thin layer of enamel should be removed from the front of your teeth that will create space for veneers and without the enamel, your teeth will require veneers for proper protection. Veneers may help in correcting different cosmetic issues, but based on the cause of the gaps in between your teeth, you might need to undergo an orthodontic method.
  • Dental implants – Dental implants are said replacement tooth that fits properly into the gap. This is usually the best option when the gap is a full tooth wide. The replacement tooth needs to be inserted into the bone or gum and even attached to your surrounding teeth. Dental implants procedure has a greater success rate of around 98% and is known for its long-term benefits. However, it is somewhat more costly than other options.
  • Orthodontics – For severe cases of gappy teeth, you will be asked to refer an orthodontist near you. Correcting the gaps in your front teeth is not that simple as shifting the front teeth. Moving those two teeth will create gaps in between every other tooth. Hence, you might require wearing braces for all the teeth.

    If you do not want to wear metal brackets on the teeth, then there are other options like invisible aligners that seem to be less noticeable and can be removed. Orthodontics is a suitable option for giving you a complete makeover by fixing various aesthetic and functional problems. This can cause to a healthier smile and make your teeth easy to clean. The disadvantage is that orthodontic treatment will require a longer time when compared to dental veneers or dental bonding. However, for severe cases, you cannot get around the extra time.

What are the next steps involved?

If you are having gaps in between your teeth, then the next step is to fix an appointment with your dentist. The right dental treatment for your gapped teeth will be different for each individual and their requirements. This can be determined by a dental professional only and by fixing the gap in your teeth, you can enjoy both aesthetic and health benefits. So, it is definitely a wise decision not to postpone the treatment.

Thus, your dental surgeon at Fitzroy Dental Practice can suggest you perform the right treatment so that you can overcome all your oral complications soon.

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